Sell Clothes Online Like a Pro: 9 Ways to Make Your First Sale

Making your first sale is your biggest encouragement. If you want to sell clothes online like a pro here are 9 ways that will help you make your first sale!

As an online seller and clothing store owner, making your first sale is motivational and necessary. Successfully completing the first sale sounds pretty simple and tey the reassurance and optimism it brings can make a huge difference in the life of your business.

But, don’t let the simplicity to confuse you or mislead you. Why?


To make the process easier for you, we’ve decided to share 9-sure ways to make your first sale. So, are you ready to sell clothes online like a pro? Let’s start:

1. Build an email list – Building an email list is absolutely necessary. According to one research, the email marketing brings more ROI for their company. The estimated ROI from email marketing is 119% which is a number that is touch for any online store owner to ignore. Having your own list from potential buyers means you can get your products, information, and content into their mailboxes.

2. Sponsor an event: Believe it or not, sponsoring an event can do wonders. You should make sure that you choose the right event to sponsor. We recommend you to search for events where the guests will be interested in your clothing line and then find out how many guests will attend the event.

3. Interview industry influencers: Interviewing an industry influencer is a great example of how to create a great content. The interviews work because they are a win-win strategy for both parties. The interviewee gets reputation and exposure while the interviewer gets a hot content for their publication.


4. Pull a PR Stunt: If you want to conclude that first sale so bad, pulling a PR stunt could do the trick. The PR stunt has the power to propel your brand name into success. If done well, you will gain loyal followers and buyers in the process. Usually, a PR stunt consists of doing something hilarious, outrageous, unusual or remarkable enough to be worthy of publicity and media attention.

5. Experiment with Adwords – As you know, Adwords is a widely-used pay-per-click advertising network. It allows retailers and brands to place ads on every Google search result page. The best thing about Adwords is its speed and high reach.

6. Sell wholesale to other retailers – Selling clothes online to consumers is fine, however, there is nothing wrong with selling to other retailers as well. One of the main advantages of selling wholesale is the quick increase in cash flow.

7. Pay attention to stats: The behavior of every site visitor from entry to exit helps you understand why they like your products, why you are selling, and why you aren’t selling. The website stats show you what your customers are doing on the website, which web pages they visited, the time they spent on specific web pages, and when they leave your website.

8. Run a survey: Learning about the needs and desires of customers can help you make the right moves and proceed forward. The consumer surveys are a great tool for obtaining true and honest feedback. In order to run your own survey, you can take advantage of online apps such as Qualaroo and Survey Monkey.

9. Set up a cartel: In some situations, it is nice to have a support and set up an online cartel can do the trick. Find a group of retailers and clothing store owners and agree to promote and support each other. It is a great and simple way to gain traction in different ways.

 These 9 strategies are proven ways to kick-start sales and start selling clothing online like a pro!